Advanced widgets
Configure 40+ unique widgets including BPM ranges, games style, fitness, graph, and sounds. Enhance your stream overlay with advanced widgets.
Upload own media
Take it a step further and create unique widgets with your own images, video, and sounds. Add your brand.
Set up automated clips that can be posted on your Discord, link your heart rate up to your RGB lights with Lumia Stream to create the ultimate light show, trigger apps with IFTTT, or use a smart watch with Stromno!

Power up your stream with Pulsoid BRO plan

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Basic usage


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Billed as $45 per year


Billed as $4.99 per month


One-time payment


Basic usage

Pricing - FAQ

What is the difference between free and BRO plan?

Free: A few basic widgets available. It is enough to add your heart rate on stream, test the service, and make sure your viewers love it. Spoiler: they will love it.

BRO plan : choose from 40+ widgets, customize them, use integrations with Discord, IFTTT, Stromno, export your data, and more. You can use a variety of widgets connected to your real-time heart rate, upload your custom images, GIFs, videos, sound alerts, and set up ranges. There are also special games styled, fitness, and seasonal widgets and overlays, they will increase user engagement. Advanced tools are created to help you communicate with the audience during and after your stream. Plus, you will get early access to new features and Twitch channels can be featured on the home page❤️

Can I use Pulsoid for free?

Yes, the basic plan is free and enough to show your heart rate on stream without time limitations.
You can also use a 2 weeks free trial of the BRO plan(no credit card required) and get an additional week for every user invited with your referral link.
Of course, you need a supported heart rate monitor to use the service.️

Can I trial features before subscribing?

Yes, you can activate your 14 days free trial in the dashboard or any premium feature page. No credit card is required for trial.
Get an additional week for every user invited with your referral link.

How do I cancel my paid plan?

You can cancel your subscription anytime in the Dashboard.

Can I get a refund? How?

Yes! If you changed your mind, we can refund the payment within 7 days. Email us to get a refund and get the plan canceled:
If you are not entirely happy with the BRO functionality, your feedback will help us to improve.

📝 I have more questions or need help with Pulsoid

Please, feel free to contact us!
Email address:
Twitter or Discord

I want to gift BRO plan. Is it possible?

If you have a content creator, streamer, or community member in mind, who’d benefit from elevating their content with advanced widgets and features of Pulsoid, you can purchase a BRO plan coupon for them!