Heart Rate Widget for your Live streams
Add your live heart rate to your broadcast. Be closer to your viewers!
Pulsoid - easy way to share your heart rate
Easy to set up
Get live heart rate widgets for your streaming in 3 minutes. Works seamlessly with OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming
A chest strap measures the actual heartbeat and it makes Pulsoid the most accurate heart rate streaming solution.  Find supported device
Personalize stream with 30+ widgets and overlays. It will help to build your own brand and grow a channel
Enhance your stream with advanced features. Analytics & Integrations to engage with a community.
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Chest heart rate monitor
Heart Rate monitor
Use a chest strap heart rate monitor to get accurate data
Pulsoid mobile app
Pulsoid mobile app
Install a mobile app and stream your heart rate anywhere
Pulsoid account
Pulsoid account
Personalize your widgets, check Analytics, integrate Discord
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