Heart Rate Widget for your Live streams
Add your live heart rate to your broadcast. Be closer to your viewers!
Pulsoid - easy way to share your heart rate
Easy to set up
Set up a live heart rate widget for your Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming in less than 3 minutes. Add your widget as a browser source in OBS, Streamlabs, Streamelements, XSplit, etc.
A chest strap monitor (e.g. Polar H10, CooSpo H808S, Wahoo TICKR) measures the actual heartbeat and it makes Pulsoid the most accurate heart rate streaming solution.  Find supported device
Personalize your stream with 60+ widgets and overlays connected to your heart. Configure the way they look and upload your own files to create a unique widget for your stream.
Enhance your stream with advanced features, highlights, automated clips, and integrations with Voicemod, LumiaStream, Streamer.bot,  Discord, etc. to reach new engagement levels with your viewers.
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Chest heart rate monitor
Heart Rate monitor
Use a supported heart rate monitor(e.g. Polar H10, CooSpo H808S, Wahoo TICKR) or integrated solutions to measure your heart rate.
Pulsoid mobile app
Pulsoid mobile app
Install a mobile app and stream your heart rate anywhere
Pulsoid account
Pulsoid account
Personalize your widgets, find Highlights by heart rate, integrate Discord, IFTTT, Voicemod, LumiaStream, Streamer.bot
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